People who suffer from gum disease can experience a range of symptoms, from mild to severe, including pain, inflammation, swelling, and bleeding of the gums. In more severe cases, gum disease can lead to the loss of teeth and damage to the supporting bone structure. It is vital for people suffering from gum disease to seek treatment from their dentist to prevent further damage and maintain oral health. That is why we offer LANAP treatment in South Plainfield at Durham Dental Center.

What is LANAP Surgery?

LANAP (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure) surgery is a minimally invasive periodontal treatment used to treat gum disease. This surgery uses a special laser that emits low energy levels to target the infected gum tissue. We use the laser to remove bacteria, diseased tissue, and calculus while at the same time preserving healthy tissue. LANAP also helps to stimulate the regeneration of new gum tissue, allowing the gums to reattach to the teeth. This procedure is effective in treating gum disease, and we can complete it in one or two visits, depending on the severity of the condition.


What are the Benefits of LANAP?

Durham Dental Center is dedicated to providing our patients with the most advanced dental care. One of the most cutting-edge treatments offered by the center is LANAP surgery. There are many benefits to LANAP.


  • Minimally Invasive: LANAP surgery is an advanced, minimally invasive procedure that offers many benefits over traditional gum surgery. The process involves much less cutting and stitching than traditional gum surgery, significantly reducing recovery time. 
  • Reduces Bleeding and Swelling: LANAP surgery helps reduce both bleeding and swelling, allowing for a much smoother recovery process. 
  • Preserves Healthy Tissue: The laser used during LANAP surgery helps to target only diseased gum tissue, leaving healthy tissue unharmed. This helps to reduce the amount of tissue loss typically associated with traditional gum surgery.
  • Reduces Risk of Infection: The laser used during LANAP surgery helps to reduce the risk of infection, helping to speed up the healing process. 
  • Improves Long-Term Oral Health: LANAP surgery helps reduce inflammation and remove bacteria from the gums, helping improve oral health. With proper care and maintenance, the results of LANAP surgery can be long-lasting.


What to Expect During LANAP Treatment

LANAP is a revolutionary new dental procedure that Dr. Loay Shadid provides, which treats gum disease at its earliest stages.


During LANAP treatment, you will be given a local anesthetic to ensure a comfortable experience for the duration of the procedure. Once you are comfortable and the area is numbed, Dr. Shadid will use the laser to remove any pockets of infection within the gum line. The laser reduces bacteria levels and encourages the gum tissue to reattach to the teeth.


Next, Dr. Shadid will use the laser to seal the gum tissue back to the teeth and stimulate the growth of new tissue. This helps to create a more secure and healthier gum line. Finally, Dr. Shadid will use the laser to remove any remaining plaque and tartar.


What to Expect After LANAP Treatment

The process of healing and recovery after LANAP treatment can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks, depending on you and the severity of the gum disease. During this time, you may experience some bleeding and discomfort in the areas where the laser was used. However, these symptoms should subside as healing progresses.


You should follow Dr. Shadid’s instructions for post-treatment care, which typically involves brushing and flossing twice daily, using a medicated mouthwash, and rinsing with saltwater. Additionally, you should visit Durham Dental Center regularly for check-ups and further treatment if necessary.


In the weeks following the treatment, you can expect to see an improvement in your gum health and an overall reduction of gum inflammation and bleeding. Additionally, you may notice your gums becoming firmer and your teeth becoming more stable in their sockets. With proper care, your gums should remain healthy and free of gum disease long after the LANAP treatment.


LANAP Treatment in South Plainfield

With LANAP treatment, you can expect to see a dramatic improvement in gum health in just a few visits. Durham Dental Center has a team of experienced and knowledgeable dental professionals who can answer any questions or concerns the patient may have throughout the entire LANAP treatment process. Dr. Shadid and his team will also provide follow-up care and treatments to ensure your gum health remains in optimal condition.