Dental Fillings

Do you have a cavity? Durham Dental Center offers various types of quality dental fillings to help address your cavities and stop tooth decay. We use high-quality materials that will restore the health and beauty of your teeth.


What Are Dental Fillings and What Do They Do?

We can use dental fillings to treat cavities and tooth decay. We carefully place the filling material in the space where the cavity was. The filling helps to restore the tooth to its original shape and function.

Types of Dental Fillings 

There are different types of dental fillings available. The filling that is best for you will depend on the location and size of the cavity. The type may also depend on your personal preference.

  • Composite Fillings: Composite fillings are made of a mixture of plastic and resin. We can match them to the color of your tooth, so they are less noticeable.
  • Amalgam Fillings: Amalgam fillings are made of a mixture of metals, including silver, gold, and copper. One advantage of these fillings is that they can last for many years.
  • Ceramic Fillings: Ceramic fillings are made of porcelain. Their porcelain material makes them durable and cosmetically appealing. They can be matched to the color of your tooth and are less noticeable than other types of fillings.


Advantages of Dental Fillings

  • There are many advantages of dental fillings, including:
  • They can help to prevent further tooth decay.
  • They can restore the health and function of your tooth.
  • They can improve the appearance of your smile.
  • They can help you to avoid more expensive dental procedures, such as a root canal.


How to Prepare for a Dental Filling Appointment

You do not need to do anything special to prepare for a dental filling appointment. Just be sure to brush and floss your teeth before your appointment so our team can have a clear view of the cavity.


What to Expect During the Appointment

During the appointment, Dr. Shadid and the Durham Dental Center team will:

  • Examine your tooth and take X-rays to determine the extent of the decay.
  • Prepare your tooth for the filling by using specialized dental instruments to remove the decay carefully.
  • Place the filling material in the cavity and shape it to restore the tooth to its original form.
  • Harden the filling material using a special light.


How to Care for Your Teeth After a Dental Filling Appointment

Taking good care of your teeth after a dental filling appointment is essential. Be sure to brush and floss your teeth as usual. You may also want to avoid eating hard or sticky foods for the first few days after your appointment.


How Long Do Fillings Last?

With proper care, dental fillings can last for many years. Be sure to visit Dr. Shadid and the Durham Dental Center team for regular checkups and cleanings so that we can monitor your fillings and ensure they are still in good condition.

Like anything, the better you care for your dental fillings, the longer they can last. Taking good care of your fillings includes all the things you need to do to care for your teeth:

  • Brushing your teeth twice a day with a toothpaste that contains fluoride
  • Flossing your teeth every day
  • Eating a balanced diet and avoiding sugary snacks


How Much Do Dental Fillings Cost?

The cost of dental fillings can vary depending on the filling type and the cavity size. Many dental insurance plans will cover at least a portion of the cost of dental fillings.

We offer various payment options at Durham Dental Center to make dental care affordable for our patients. We also offer financing through CareCredit.


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We can help you achieve the beautiful, healthy smile you desire. Our high-quality dental fillings can make you feel confident about your smile again.

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