Crowns & Bridges

Crowns and bridges are two of the most popular treatments performed in our dental office. Their main goal is to restore full chewing function to a tooth or teeth. Crowns and bridges are distinct in many ways. At Durham Dental Center, we offer both procedures to our patients who require restorative work. We want to help our patients be educated on their methods and treatments before receiving dental work. Below we have explained what both dental crowns and bridges are and the benefits of both. Since dental bridges require the use of a dental crown, we will start with identifying the crown. 

Dental Crown 

A crown, often known as a cap, is a dental restorative piece that replaces the outer layer of enamel with a new material (commonly porcelain) and covers the entire tooth. A crown is shaped and sized like a natural tooth, and it comes into regular contact with the opposing tooth, allowing food to be chewed properly. When it comes to function, a crown will feel similar to a natural tooth. Depending on the crown material, it can even appear to be a natural tooth.


Crown Placement Steps 

Traditionally, it takes a total of two visits to our Plainfield, New Jersey dental office to complete the entire crown process. Even though only two trips are necessary, many steps are taken: 

  1. The outer portion of the tooth, including any decay, is removed for the crown to fit properly. We may build up the tooth’s core if more tooth structure is required to support the crown.
  2. An impression is taken of your teeth to create a complete mold of your teeth. 
  3. A temporary crown is placed on your tooth to safeguard it while the permanent crown is being created. The permanent crown is usually completed in less than two weeks. The tooth may be sensitive to hot and cold while you have a temporary crown on it. During this time, avoid chewing gum and consuming sticky foods. 
  4. We will place the permanent crown in your mouth and make any required changes once it is ready. The crown is cemented into place once you and the dentist are satisfied with how it looks and feels.

A tooth crown may be used as a restorative and cosmetic procedure after different procedures. 


Dental Bridge 

A bridge is a fixed partial denture that is anchored (glued) to the teeth. When functioning teeth are on both sides of the missing tooth, a bridge replaces one or more missing teeth. The bridge covers the adjacent teeth, known as retainers, in the same way that a crown covers a single tooth. The bridge attaches the crowns to a pontic (artificial tooth replacement) in the void left by a missing tooth. 

A dental bridge only requires two visits to our office. 

The first visit will consist of your adjacent teeth being prepared, just as they would be in receiving a dental crown. The second visit is where your dental bridge will be placed and bonded to your teeth. It is common to either wear a temporary bridge or two separate, temporary crowns between visits. 

Both dental crowns and dental bridges are excellent restorative options when restoring the anatomy of a tooth or teeth. Contact Durham Dental Center in Plainfield, New Jersey, to have any questions you may have, answered.